Vision & Key Functions

The Vision for State Mission for Clean Ganga-Uttar Pradesh constitutes restoring the wholesomeness of the river defined in terms of ensuring “Aviral Dhara” (Continuous Flow”), “Nirmal Dhara”(“Unpolluted Flow”), Geologic and ecological integrity.

Key Functions of State Mission for Clean Ganga-Uttar Pradesh:

To achieve aforementioned aims and objectives, the main activities and functions of the U.P. State Ganga River Conservation Agency are as below:-

  • To ensure State Government’s consent on the programmes and structures of National Ganga River Basin Authority and obtain approval of State Government’s share in this programmes.
  • To generate public awareness by information, education and publicity derive regarding abatement of water pollution, control and treatment, environmental cleanliness in water of river Ganga.
  • To coordinate and implement the activities of networking of sewerage and sewage treatment structures, remedial steps for treatment of wet land area, river conservation works including using other measures, development of river banks (river front) etc. at State level.
  • To ensure appraisal of feasibility reports (FRs) and detail project reports (DPRs) for programmes under NGRBA.
  • To select the institutions for implementation of projects under NGRBA programme and the implementation of programmes / projects along with the institutions.
  • To manage funds related to land, acquisition for programmes/ projects and to get management of concered contracts/ agreements.
  • To prepare suggetions and outlines of practicable alternatives to make these projects financially self supporting by keeping finncial discipline entact, for construction of River Pollution Control Schemes.
  • The testing at the time of construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance right from preparation of projects and to ensure the treatment of sewage in accordance to standards prescribed by Government of India, U.P. Government, Central Pollution Control Board and U.P. Pollution Control Board.
  • To get completion of all River Pollution Control related projects within stipulated time, cost and regular monitoring by keeping affective control on quality.
  • To guide concerned Nagar Nigam for it’s Capacity Building for successful running and maintenance of their projects and to guide for running and maintenance of above projects. After consultation with concerned Nagar Nigam suggest practicable alternatives to make these projects financially self supporting for meeting out the expenditure incurred on running and maintenance, including long term declaration of fixation of user charges for running and maintenance of such projects
  • Selection of private institutions for special purpose vehicle (S.P.V’s.) and thereafter formation of S.P.V’s.
  • To propose works for River Front Development Works on river banks also keeping in view the improvement in the quality for river water after completion of River Pollution Controls Projects, so that the local citizens and tourist visiting the city are attracted towards river banks and to suggest necessary methods for operation and maintenance of such projects to Nagar Nigams for utilization of Nagar Nigam’s income generated from tourism, hoardings and other commercial resources.
  • To suggest concerned Nagar Nigams in the activity for charging of necessary amount required for operation and maintenance for 30 years through the firm responsible for the completion of projects with quality and their successful operation as user charges.
  • To include participation of all stake holders in concern works for achievement of above objects and encourage all participants for increase in their share.
  • To get convergence of programmes concerned to other Departments / National Institutions for achievement of above objects.
  • To assist State Mission for Clean Ganga-Uttar Pradesh / State Government for financial resource mobilization from National / International institutions for above works.
  • To execute capacity building activities along with training activities; and
  • To identify issues related to above objects.