Industrial pollution abetment programmes

1109 GPIs on mainstem of river Ganga and major tributaries inspected during December 2015 to April 2017 includng inspection of 751 GPIs conducted trough special drive by 11 Technical Institutes.

Total No. ofFigure
GPIs Identified1,109
GPIs inspected1,109
Self Closed221
GPIs complying350
GPIs non-complying538
Show cause notice issued under Sec 5 of E(P) Act for non-compilance180*
Closure direction issued under Sec 5 of E(P) Act for non-compilance358**
GPIs having OCEMS connectivity established with CPCB Server759

Intervention of Priority Drains

  • Assessment of Priority drains completed
  • 215 drains covered under 104 sewerage projects
  • 8 Bioremediation projects
  • 20 drains considered for Modular STP’s

Industrial Sector Developement


CETP approved at Jajmau (Kanpur) at the cost of Rs. 554 Crore with adoption of cleaner process and reduced water consumption

Paper and Pulp

Zero black liquor discharge achieved. Estimated reduction in the fresh water consumption and effluent generation are about 45-50% as compared to 2012


Zero liquid discharge achieved in malasses based distillery.


Effluent generation reduced from 400 to 200 litres per tonne cane crushed.


Most of the units arein process of upgradation of exiting ETPs/installation of new ETPs/CETPs