Aims & Objectives

Main object of the Mission is pollution abatement in River Ganga and it’s environmental / ecological improvement and to achieve it’s object there are following objectives of the agency:-

  • To implement River Basin Management Programme prepared and approved by the National Ganga River Basin Authority & SMCG-UP.
  • To monitor the executed programme of National Ganga River Basin Authority at State level and to evaluate and audit itself or to get it evaluated and audited.
  • To prepare the annual work plan of SMCG-UP and obtain it’s approval of the SMCG-UP/concerned Authorities.
  • To facilitate smooth implementation of approved yearly work plan.
  • To Supervise and Coordinate the activities necessary for pollution control and treatment for maintaining the quality of water in river Ganga.
  • To implement the recycling and reuse of water, rain water harvesting, decentralized sewage treatment system, water conservation and conservation procedures.
  • To facilitate State Government and / or local bodies in issues related to the land acquisition, removal of unauthorised encroachments, contracts for the purpose of implementation of instructions of National Ganga River Basin Authority and SMCG-UP
  • Study of researches for achieving above objects and to prepare case studies.
  • To encourage participation of all sections of communities including females for equitable and uniform development for ensuring water quality in river Ganga.
  • To develop proper knowledge and effective communication with all stockholders for fulfillment of above objects; and
  • Other works which may help the agency in fulfilling the above objects.