Varanasi Sewerage Profile

Sewerage Profile_ Varanasi

General Information
 Number of wards90
Area in Sq Km (Varanasi nagar Nigam)79
Population  (In Lakh)Year 201111.98
Year 2019Projected15.27
Total capacity in mld Required (Currently)183.24
Total capacity in mld Available412
Ready for operation120
Under Construction50
Gap Nil
Description of STPs and Sewerage Line Subtotal Detail
SN 123456
1Name of The STPDeenapur -1 STPDeenapur -2RamannaGoithahan STP (JNNURM)Bhagwanpur STPDLW STP  
2Districts/Project area nameDistrict-1District-2District -3Trans VarunaBHUDLW Area 
3Number of Wards Covered4227516NA5090 Wards of VNN & 50 staff colonies of DLW
4Capacity (in mld)80140501201012412
5STP designed for the yearYear 2010Year 2030Year 2035Year 2030Year 2010Year 2010 
6Current inflow in mld8060under constructionCommissioned but not operational105155
7SPS/MPS details (Name & Capacity)1. SPS Phulwariya (7.6  MLD Capacity)             2. SPS Saraiya (3.7  MLD Capacity)
3.  SPS Chaukaghat (140.00 MLD Capacity)
1. MPS Ramanna (50.00 MLD Capacity)1. IPS Narokhar (8.00 MLD Capacity)

2. MPS Goithahan (120.00 MLD Capacity)

Sewerage Line Infrastructure Details
8Total Sewer Laying Length (in Km) required for full HH coverage of the STP project area (Main trunk line, and branch line)515564169298NA501,596
9Total Sewer Line Infrastructure available  (in Km) (A+B)26429257142NA50805
A)Sewer line already available26428151NANA50646
B)Sewer line laid  under various STP projects011614200159
10Sewer line sanctioned (in Km) in various STP projects  (C+D)011614200159
CSewer line laying work completed ( in km)  in various STP projects against sanctioned011614200159
DSewer line laying work ( in Km) under construction in various STP projects against sanctioned0000.5001
11Gap in Sewerage Line Infrastructure (in Km) (8-9)251272112155.5NANA791
12Available Sewerage Line infrastructure non functional/non operation  000142NANA142
House Hold sewerage Connection Details
Total No of House Hold Connection Required (as per population projection for 2019)-2,54,000 2,54,000
13Number of total House Holds connection required under STP coverage area46,41979,83617,38146,571NANA1,90,207
14Number of Existing House Hold Connections as per ULB record37,61540,7692,7399,054NANA90,177
15Number HH Covered under sanctioned Projects (AMRUT)00022,973NANA22,973
16GAP in House Hold Connection Coverage (13-(14+15))8,80439,06714,64214,544NANA77,057
 Gap Plan For Varanasi Sewerage Projects -Proposals already submitted for approval
1. DPR of District 1 (Proposed)
(Proposal submitted to NMCG)
Proposed Cost : INR 542.13 Cr.
Sewerage Network Proposed:  251 km sewer network
Proposed Number of Sewer House Hold Connection: 8,804
date: Oct. 2018
objection from NMCG, Resubmission is in process (by 31 Jan 2019)
2. DPR of District 2 (Proposed)
(Proposal submitted to NMCG)
Proposed Cost : INR 633. Cr.
Sewerage Network Proposed:  271 km sewer network
Proposed Number of Sewer House Hold Connection: 39067
date: Oct. 2018
objection from NMCG, Resubmission is in process (by 31 Jan 2019)
3. DPR of District 3 (Proposed)
(Proposal submitted to NMCG)
Proposed Cost: INR  252.89 Cr.
Sewerage Network Proposed: 112 Km  sewer Network
Proposed Number of Sewer House Hold Connection:  14,642
4. DPR submitted (Trans Varuna)
(under AMRUT Mission to State Government )
Proposed cost: 142.34 cr.
Contract Work Cost: 113.41 cr. (work cost )
Sewerage Network ( Branch sewer Line ) : 106 Km
House Hold Connection: Rest House Holds ( 23598)
5. DPR under Preparation (Trans Varuna -Sewerage network in Sarnath Area)Proposed cost: NA (under preparation)
i) Sewerage Network  : 30 Km
ii) Sewerage Network in Trans Area (Across railway Line): 19 km

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