STPs and Sewerage Projects

Sl.No.Name of the projectModeFunding PatternDate of SanctionLikely date of completionSanctioned costOverall progressCapacity of STP (MLD)
Financial Rs. Cr.Physical %
Completed Projects  (12)
11Sewerage & Non Sewerage Scheme for Pollution abatement of River Ganga at  Prayagraj, Dist.-B,EDBOTNon EAP06.05.2010Mar-2016/ Completed199.27166.83Complete105
22Sewerage & Non Sewerage Scheme for Pollution abatement of River Ganga at  Prayagraj, Dist.-ADBOTEAP06.05.2010Mar-2016/ Completed106.0789.82Complete
33Sewerage works in Sewerage District-E of AllahabadDBOTEAP22.02.2011Jun-2016 /142.00131.38Complete0
4414 mld Salori STP at PrayagrajDBOTEAP27.11.2013Sep-2016 /42.4026.93Complete14
55Sewerage Network in Dist. E, Prayagraj. (Add. Work)DBOTEAP28.09.2016Mar-1852.7838.97Complete
66Kannauj Sewerage Scheme Phase-IIDBOTNon EAP24.02.2011Mar-1843.6637.05Complete13
77Sewerage Scheme for Narora Town, Dist-BulandshahrDBOTEAP04.03.2014Mar-1848.4535.65Complete4
88Sewerage system and Sewage Treatment Plant works at GarhmukteshwarDBOTNon EAP24.02.2011Mar-1846.5136.42Complete9
99Up-gradation of STP and Sewerage Works for AnupshahrDBOTEAP19.05.2014Sep-1875.7948.07Complete2.5
1010Sewerage works in Sewerage District-C of PrayagrajDBOTEAP27.11.2013Feb-19146.8797.48Complete
1111I&D of Sisamau nala of Kanpur cityDBOTNGP10.03.2016Feb-1963.8042.94Complete
1212Sewerage works in Sewerage District ‘B’ of PrayagrajDBOTEAP31.12.2014Feb-19265.86199.60Complete
SUB TOTAL (Sl. 1 to 12)1233.46951.14147.50
On-going Projects
131Prevention of Pollution of River RamGanga at Moradabad (Phase-I)DBOTNon EAP24.02.2011Sep-19279.91180.5294.058
142JICA assisted Ganga Action Plan Phase-II Project at VaranasiDBOTJICA14.07.2010Sep-19641.19506.1497.3140
153Sewerage works in Sewerage District ‘A’ of PrayagrajDBOTEAP22.02.2014Jun-19288.94163.6393
164Sewerage works in Sewerage Dist. –I, Kanpur.DBOTEAP18.10.2016Jul-20370.40126.6240
17550 MLD STP Ramana in Assi- Bhu Sewerage District, Varanasi.HAM PPPNGP23.12.2016Dec-19161.3126.035750
186Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at Bithoor (DBOT)DBOTNGP10.10.2017Dec-1913.401.23252.4
197Renovation and up-gradation of Vrindavan STP / SPS& appurtnant works, Vrindavan (Jal Nigam).DBOTNGP29.03.2017Sep-1930.000.7022
208I&D of Drains at Ayodhya-AyodhyaDBOTNGP11.06.18Dec-1937.670.9429
219Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at Ramnagar (DBOT)DBOTNGP28.07.2017Dec-1971.260.00510
2210Rehabilitation / Up-gradation of I&D and STP at MathuraHAM PPPNGP13.12.2017Dec-20460.4525.066.2530
SUB TOTAL2354.531030.87290.40
SUB TOTAL (Sl. No. 13 to 22)3587.991982.01437.90
Tendering process Completed
231Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at ShukhalaganjHAM PPPNGP28.07.2017Feb-2065.180.00LOA issued to lowest bidder M/s Shapoorji Polanji  on 03.10.2018. Agreement signed 21.12.2018. Survey work in progress.6
242Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at UnnaoHAM PPPNGP28.07.2017Apr-20102.200.0013
253Rehabilitation and O&M of existing Sewage Treatment Infrastructure at Kanpur and development of STP at Pankha (30 mld) along with App work (15 year O&M)HAM PPPNGP12.03.18Sep-20967.230.0030
264I&D works & STP work for Naini (District G) & Phaphamau (District-F) in Prayagraj city and Jhunsi Area of PrayagrajHAM PPPNGP19.05.2017Sep-20767.600.00LOA issued 10.11.2018. Agreement signed on 11.01.201972
275Rehabilitation and O&M of existing Sewage Treatment Infrastructure at Prayagraj under HAB Based PPP mode (15 year O&M)HAM PPPNGP09.03.2018Feb-20904.000.00
Under tendering process
286Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at  Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh  (TA appointed by NMCG)HAM PPPNGP16.10.2017Dec-20213.620.00Ccontractor  m/S ESSL Infra Ltd refused to work vide Letter no EIL/STP/2019-19/454 dated 15.02.19. Re-tendered with bid opening date 24.04.201935
297Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at Chunar (Jal Nigam)DBOTNGP14.08.2017Jun-2027.980.00New bid document under approval by NMCG, NMCG refered to cancle the project.2
308Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at GhazipurHAM PPPNGP16.11.2017Dec-2090.820.00Two bids received on 28.01.2019, one qualified, Cancled due to single Tender .Retendered with bid opening
319Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at MirzapurHAM PPPNGP14.11.2017Feb-20114.930.0017
3210Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at Moradabad.HAM PPPNGP23.07.2018Jul-20118.690.00Price Water House cooper has been appointed by NMCG as Transaction Adviser for implementation of these projects. Tender invited, bid opening date is 09.05.2019. Opening date revised as 17.05.2019.25
3311Pollution abatment for River Ramganga at Bareilly  (I&D with STP)HAM PPPNGP03.01.2019Jan-21271.390.0063
3412Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at Kasganj.DBOTNGP24.12.2018Dec-2076.730.00Tender  invited on 25.02.19 . 4 bids received. Technical bid is under finalization by UPJN Head Quarter.15
3513Interception, Diversion of Drains & sewage treatment works at Sultanpur.DBOTNGP24.12.2018Dec-2064.760.00Two bids received on 15.02.2019. one qualified, Cancled due to single tender . Retendered with bid opening
3614Rehabilitation/Renovation of Agra Sewerage Scheme (I&D works) in UPHAM PPPNGP24.12.2018Dec-21857.260.00Tender invited on 24.05.2019175.38
3715Agra Sewerage Scheme I&D works. (Part-2), Agra.HAM PPPNGP01.03.2019Sep-21317.190.00
3816Pollution abatment for River Hindon at Mujaffarnagar (I&D with STP)HAM PPPNGP02.01.2019Jan-21231.790.00Tender invited. Bid opening date 24.05.2019.87
3917I&D of Drains & STP works at Budhana town, Distt. MujaffarnagarHAM PPPNGP18.02.2019Feb-2148.760.0010
4018I&D of Drains & sewage treatment works at JaunpurDBOTNGP12.02.2019Jan-21206.050.00Tender notice issued on 06.03.2019, tender opened on 28.03.2019, 02 bids received, under evaluation.30
4119Pollution Abatement works for River Kali at Meerut town.HAM PPPNGP19.02.2019Feb-21681.780.00Tender notice issued on 05.03.2019, tender opening date, revised as 28.05.2019.200
4220I&D & STP works at Baghpat town, Distt. BaghpatDBOTNGP19.02.2019Feb-2177.360.00Tender notice issued on 01.03.2019, tender opening date is 03-05-201914
4321I&D & STP works at Lucknow townDBOTNGP02.03.2019Mar-21298.120.00Tender invited, tender opening date 16.04.2019.40
4422Etawah Sewerage Scheme I&D works Etawah.DBOTNGP28.02.2019Mar-21140.600.00Tender invited, tender opening date  revised opening date as 23.04.2019.21
4523Firozabad Sewerage Scheme I&D works FirozabadDBOTNGP01.03.2019Sep-2051.080.00Tender invited, tender opening date revised opening date as 23.04.2019.
4624Feacal Sludge Management for abatement of pollution in River Ganga at Chunar, Distt. Mirzapur.DBOTNGP07.03.2019Mar-202.700.00Finalization of Executive Agency is under process.0.01
SUB TOTAL (Sl. No. 23 to 46)6697.820.00891.39
TOTAL (Sl. No. 1 to 46)10285.811982.011329.29
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