Under SMCG-UP, sewage taking care of undertakings are principally being taken up in towns along the banks of River Ganga, through development of Sewage Treatment Plants. These have long incubation period and for the most part take over 3 years for charging since endorse, in addition, being capital-concentrated with high activity and support cost. Since amid the interceding time frame, sewage keeps on streaming into waterway Ganga and its tributaries, there is a need to deal with the contamination stack by ex-situ/in-situ medications through different inventive technologies(such as Modular STP in light of Electrocoagulation, Filtration; Eco-Bioblock, Phytoroiad, Geo-Tube and so on.) accessible over the globe. These are altogether less expensive and require significantly shorter time span of 6-8 months for appointing and indicating comes about. Actualizing these strategies keep corrupted nature of water from streaming specifically into waterway Ganga and its tributaries.

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